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How To: Zoom Like a Voice Actor | Houston

About this event

At this moment we are dependent on videoconferencing more – and for a wider variety of uses – than ever before. Most of us are unused to relying on our voices so extensively to communicate our tone, intention and expertise; the experience can be uncomfortable and discouraging. As a professional voice actor with twenty years of experience, I understand the value of being heard and understood.


In this talk you will learn: 1) the physical and emotional reasons your voice sounds strange to your ears 2) why you may be operating under outdated ideas of what a “professional voice” means 3) specific and practical techniques for improving the vocal quality of your communications. We will answer questions like: "Why does my recorded voice sound so strange?" "What is the best audio setup for my home office?" We will do live voice acting exercises with real audition scripts. We will learn about the four actions of speech and how to quickly and effectively warm up your voice and prevent vocal fatigue.

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