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How to Write Letters to Encourage Voter Turnout x Vote FWD | Online

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About this event

Want to get out the vote in key states from the comfort of your own home? General Assembly is partnering with Vote Forward to host a virtual letter writing party to to reach and motivate underrepresented, low propensity voters!

Multiple independently evaluated randomized trials have shown that writing these letters is the single most effective use of volunteer time from afar to turn out voters.

During this session we will be joined by a representative of Vote Forward who will guide us through the letter writing process (make sure to check the preparation section to make sure you have the materials needed to start writing!).

Vote Forward will provides names, addresses and a data-driven proven template to write letters to voters in important states. Letter writers will save their letters and send them right before the election so that voters receive them at the perfect, most-strategic moment.

This is a perfect way for your group to stay active during social distancing. Writing letters is both a safe, remote activity and proven effective!

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Envelopes
  • Adopt and print out letter template by going to
  • Pen (blue recommended)
  • stamps
  • Head over to and register to write letters. Once you have received confirmation that you are approved to write letters, go ahead and adopt your voters!
  • Make sure to print out your form letters before the party, if you cannot reach a printer before the event you are welcome to join us to learn about how the process works and complete you letters before Oct 17th.
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