How To Use Adobe XD | Designing An Outdoor Discovery Mobile App

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How To Use Adobe XD | Designing An Outdoor Discovery Mobile App | Toronto

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

Learn the power and efficiency of Adobe XD, an all-in-one UX Platform. Together we will design and prototype a mobile application for discovering the outdoors, all in Adobe XD. You’ll learn how to go from low-fidelity sketches and wireframes to higher fidelity prototypes and design specs.

In this two hour workshop we’ll get hands on with some of Adobe XD’s most powerful productivity features like responsive resize, repeat grid, auto-animation, and more soon-to-be-released features. Understand how states, fixed elements, voice, and micro interactions can improve the realism of your prototype. Enrich your design with imagery from creative cloud libraries and Adobe Stock to put the finishing touches on your mobile app.


  • Learn how to use Adobe XD to create a mobile application
  • Manage your colors, styles, images and components centrally
  • Use components to go from wireframe to high-fidelity in a few clicks
  • Quickly replicate lists, visual cards and other elements across your artboards
  • See how you can easily create an interactive prototype from your designs
  • Learn how to automatically animate changes between artboards or states to create micro-interactions
  • Learn how to incorporate scrolling and fixed elements into your design
  • Web-based sharing and collaboration with stakeholders and developers

  • Prereqs & Preparation

  • This Event will occur completely online using Zoom
  • You will need access to a laptop or computer with a strong internet connection
  • Event set up information will be emailed to all students signed up around 24 hours before (and again an hour before) your course launches
  • If you cannot attend live, don’t fret! The recording will be sent out to everyone signed up.
  • Participants can download Adobe XD for free here
  • No prior knowledge required.
  • Prepare any questions you may have to ask Matt about Adobe XD at the end of the presentation.

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