How to Sell yourself with Public Speaking

How to Sell yourself with Public Speaking | Winnipeg

About this event

Think for a moment about how your career would be different if you had the confidence and the tools to communicate at your best and share your expertise anytime, anywhere? The process of mastering public speaking is a transformational experience.

What if you could have a strategy to craft engaging stories to captivate and positively influence any audience? Do you think this would help you move up the business ladder?

Just like leaders, speakers are made through practice, consistency, discipline, resilience and a daily learning process. Your success will depend on your routine. Whatever you set your mind to, you will achieve. If you want to become a great speaker to build a successful career, business and most importantly, the life you want, this talk is for you.


  • Learn how to find the confidence to self and to speak.
  • Create a strategy to craft engaging stories and will apply it right away to business presentations.
  • Structure any talks and create impact with techniques to manage the emotional state before and during speaking engagements.

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