How to Prep Your Website for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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How to Prep Your Website for Black Friday & Cyber Monday | Miami

Past Locations for this Class

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The Christmas holidays are a stressful time. Now imagine you’re a retailer. A weekend that may make or break your entire fiscal year: Black Friday & Cyber Monday. It’s the day that a retailer’s books go from red (operating at a loss) to black (operating at a profit).

Retail storeowners are motivated by two things: earning money and reducing their risk. With the holidays around the corner, a retailer wants to be prepared to make the most out of the Thanksgiving shopping holiday with the highest degree of success – and the lowest degree of stress. So tackling a full-site redesign is probably out of the question.

So Instead of a huge project, let’s focus on quick wins to prep any store owner for Black Friday and the holidays.


  • Quick wins to prep your site for the biggest shopping weekend
  • How to reduce your risks and increase your success
  • Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are so important to your business

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