How to Create a Community from Scratch

How to Create a Community from Scratch | Toronto

About this event

Building a community is part of being human, but we aren’t local tribes gathering around fire anymore. Today, it takes time and a lot of attention to bring people together.

Communities are awesome, right? A community is a place for inclusion, passion, and strong bonds with people with similar interests. But, how do we build a community from scratch? This is the first and most common question that everyone asks.

Are you ready? Come closer. We’ve all the secrets!

With an endless sea of distractions and options, building a community can be daunting. So we’ve partnered with Othership to learn everything we need to know about bringing people together and how to create engagement.


  • Understand why you need a community.
  • How to build a community and its benefits for your company.
  • How to keep your growing community-engaged and thriving.

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