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How to Change Careers and Earn Your Worth | Salt Lake City

About this event

Changing careers is no easy feat! You have to reinvent yourself and your value, as well as figuring out what you actually want to do.

What's the right path? What do you need to do to get there? And will you be able to make a decent salary from it?

Changing careers is an internal game. It's all about starting with you - what you want from your career and life.

When you approach it with confidence and authenticity, the sky's the limit and the change - smooth as silk.

Join Change Leadership and Confidence expert, Lata Hamilton, as she shares her top tips for changing careers easily, simply and profitably.

This session will have a live Q&A component so you can ask all your curly questions to our curly-haired expert.


  • The challenge with career change
  • 5-step formula to successfully change careers
  • Importance of building confidence to achieve your dreams

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