How to Build Meaningful Brands

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How to Build Meaningful Brands | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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Most of us wouldn't care if 93% of the worlds most popular brands didn't exist. This scary statistic backs up the fact that mediocre and meaningless brands are rapidly becoming obsolete in the new empowered consumer age. The brands that are winning are doing something different. They are putting their customers, employees and society at the heart of their companies and treading a more enlightened and meaningful path. They are doing this not just because it's the right thing to do, but because meaningful brands yield a better set of business KPIs.

  • They outperform the stock market by 133%
  • On average they increase share of wallet by 46%
  • They deliver 100% more marketing KPI outcomes

In this fascinating talk, James Trezona, chief punk at Rooster Punk, reveals how injecting more meaning can be advantageous for your career, and what it takes to create a more meaningful brand.


In this talk, you'll learn: -What exactly is a meaningful brand? -Meaningful brand archetypes -Examples of meaningful brands -The power of storytelling -Making that vital emotional connection

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