How to Become a Team MVP in the Gig Economy

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How to Become a Team MVP in the Gig Economy | Seattle

Seattle Campus

GA Seattle
1218 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
Seattle WA 98101

About this event

Everyone wants to work with, work for, or hire an “A” player. Whether you are an individual contributor, a freelancer, a consultant, an agency, a manager, or a member of a C-suite, delivering value against the most important objectives for a company or a team is the key to MVP success. Being a team MVP doesn’t necessarily require getting the most visible projects at work, years of experience, or “brown-nosing”. Becoming an MVP can be as simple as setting expectations and meeting them, while also focusing on delivering the value a company needs to succeed, every day. The recipe for doing this can be more reliable than you think. Yes, with a few tips and a little practice, you can become a team MVP.

While it is the job of leadership to provide guidance, set goals, and communicate clearly, sometimes we don’t get this from our managers and leaders. But the person who can take what she or he is given and find a way to create value for the company every day, clearly communicate progress and exceed expectations can become a team MVP.

We no longer work in rank and file organizations. Promotion up the corporate ladder within a single organization is a pre-digital-age career path. Today’s fast-moving companies churn and burn employees quickly. In today’s gig economy, many are left to manage their own careers, bouncing from opportunity to opportunity without any professional development support.

In this workshop, we’ll cover real-life stories to illustrate 25+ actionable tips that you can put into practice so you can be a team MVP every day. And if you are a team leader, you can also put these tips into practice to lead your team to success.


We will discuss how to:

  • determine what’s important to the company
  • maintain transparency so there are no surprises
  • hold yourself accountable to delivering results
  • frame your actions and updates in a way that demonstrates value
  • articulate concerns, give and take feedback
  • help others achieve their goals
  • build trust and leverage relationships
  • putting these tips into practice when leading a team

Prereqs & Preparation

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