How to Beat Procrastination

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How to Beat Procrastination | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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The foundational changes to human behaviour, habits and mindset is a timeless issue. This workshop will teach you how to take more action and get more done than you ever imagined you could in the next 90 days, than you would in a 12-month period!

This workshop will focus on helping you and your teams with 3 key things:

  • Planning
  • Empowerment
  • Results

Fear and doubt are the two key things stopping most people. Human beings very rarely choose to change or get out of their comfort zone. However, we teach you about setting the right goals and taking complete control of your life. Neuroscience studies have proven that empowered individuals are more confident, motivated, emotionally capable and self-actualising! Imagine your entire workforce is full of empowered individuals focused on the overall goals of the company.

Ultimately, this workshop will give you practical tips and strategies which will inspire, empower and motivate you to win – not just in business but in your personal life too!


In this workshop you will learn about: • The failure cycle and the 4 reasons WHY we procrastinate • Neuroscience statistics around your thoughts and preferred reality conditioning • Mind Mastery to get you from where you are now to where you want to be • A 3-step formula to beat procrastination and set the right goals

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