How To Be a Rockstar At Your Job Without Burning Out

How To Be a Rockstar At Your Job Without Burning Out | Vancouver

About this event

In this rich, interactive workshop, we talk about how you can continue to be a brilliant success at your job WITHOUT having to burn yourself out. We dive deep into a new paradigm - how to have your cake and eat it too... How to be incredibly successful AND feel balanced in your life.

My guess is that you're already a rockstar at your job, but you may be anywhere on the burnout spectrum from 'feeling a little exhausted' to 'I'm about to throw in the towel.' Wherever you may be, this workshop is packed with rich content and engaging, interactive format to help you walk away with tangible steps to take in your job right now.

If you are ready to break out of the burnout culture, join this workshop to experience:

  • Top 3 Myths of the outdated burnout workplace culture
  • Key Indicators to look out for to stay out of burnout
  • A practical, powerful tool for you to use when you start slipping back into the hustle
  • Community! Create and learn alongside other incredible, successful humans in the same boat as you
  • BONUS: An amazing guided visualization for you to see what else is possible beyond the hustle

You won't be disappointed - see you in class!

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