How I Launched My Career In Tech: Chat with Bootcamp alumni in Miami

Past Locations for this Event

How I Launched My Career In Tech: Chat with Bootcamp alumni in Miami | Jacksonville

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

At this remote panel event, we will host GA alumni from our immersive courses. Together, we will discuss how they made the decision to join GA, how they transitioned into their new careers since graduating, their experience with the program, and advice for those considering similar paths.

What to expect? Do you want to learn more about General Assembly's courses and discover what it's like to be a GA student? Come and listen to several alumni of GA's programs talk about their experiences before, during and after their classes.

Our alumni's stories will cover such topics as...

  • why they decided to take the class they took at GA

  • what went into their decision

  • what the experience was like taking a course online

  • what is has been like finding a new career post-course

  • and, of course, answer questions from our event attendees!


  • Gain insight and inspiration from GA alumni into the experience, process and transition of switching careers
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