How can You Leverage Your Outsider Advantage to Break into Tech? | Singapore

About this event

When considering transitioning into a new industry, you might be thinking: "my last role was totally different", "I won't understand how things work" or "I'll have so many questions".

Let's reframe these doubts. Different experiences drive innovation, enabling you to challenge assumptions and bring a fresh perspective that insiders might miss.

What many women may not realise when considering transitioning into a new industry, is that their diverse experience and background, could actually be the greatest value they can bring to a new role, team and organisation.

Join The Dream Collective's Founder and Managing Director for this live, interactive session where she will share:

  • How to leverage your outsider advantage to pivot into a new, unfamiliar sector
  • Reframing your limiting beliefs to be your strengths
  • Telling your professional story to land your dream role

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