Growth Hacking live: 40 ways to boost your startup in real-time

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Growth Hacking live: 40 ways to boost your startup in real-time | Austin

Past Locations for this Event

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There’s a lot of terrible information in the social media/online marketing/growth marketing space. This talk will deliver, in real-time, real value to attendants; including how to quickly grow a community online, forming a substantial pre-launch strategy, how to ensure your emails and tweets get seen/answered, creating easy workflows, content marketing and user acquisition.

Attendants will leave with many practical methods that will be useful in executing a growth strategy (free) applicable to many industries, actionable immediately. This session will uncover the tips and tricks the big startups have used, as well as secret hacks Vincent has used with clients he has worked with at his agency, Magnific.

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  • An introduction to the “hacker mindset” and how you can use it to quadruple your companies growth
  • A step-by-step on how to rapidly grow your social media communities and get free traffic/users/feedback from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Outlining a perfect pre-launch strategy to gather emails so you have users on day one
  • A brief outline of how to hack PR coverage, and some tactics to quickly boost your SEO
  • An overview of the most up-to-date tactics and software to enable efficient email marketing, sales, and productivity
  • How to build your marketing stack for just $9 a month
  • Everything you need to know about user experience in 90 seconds (yes, really)

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