Growth Hack Your Content Marketing

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Growth Hack Your Content Marketing | Austin

Past Locations for this Event

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Everyone knows they should be doing content marketing, but not everyone knows how to do it successfully. During this event you’ll find out how to come up with content ideas, write great content, and distribute it/get it seen. This session will be heavy on practical tips, including best practices at all stages of the content marketing funnel, and software and advice to save you time and effort as you shape a strategy. There’ll also be a focus on ensuring your content gets seen, and exercises in real-time so you can begin while in-class. Learn from Vincent Dignan of London as he shares his expert advice on Growth Hacking though Content Marketing and Social Media.


  • How to decide what you should be writing about, using hunch and data
  • How to come up with article ideas
  • How to write great titles
  • How to avoid writing boring copy
  • How to get your content seen once it’s written
  • Building a content strategy and calendar, including templates
  • Software to help optimise your content marketing strategy
  • The basics of a good email marketing strategy
  • Why email marketing can be your most important channel
  • An appendix of information for further reading after class

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