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Online shopping as we know it has come a long way and is set to undergo even more major transformations in the coming years. Most notably, it is going social.

Social commerce is the convergence of eCommerce and social media. With social commerce, the entire shopping experience — from product discovery and research to the check out process — takes place right on a social media platform. With the pandemic causing an unprecedented growth in both social media usage and online shopping, eCommerce can no longer afford to operate in silos. It’s critical that any eCommerce player leverage social media as a lever to propel growth. But how can one start?

In this session, join our panel of experts as they take a deep dive into the Social Commerce phenomenon. They will weigh in on their interactions with eCommerce & social media then and now, how eCommerce and social media serve one another and social commerce’s nuanced differences across various platforms, and best practices to take your social commerce game to the next level.

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