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Google Analytics 101: Improving Your Bottom Line | FREE Livestream | London

About this workshop

Welcome to Free Fridays!

Our Free Friday Livestreams are here to give you a bite-sized sample of what you’ll learn in our Workshops, Part Time, and Immersive courses.

Are you interested in improving your bottom line by measuring what users are doing on your website or app, but aren’t sure where to start? This Google Analytics 101 Livestream is perfect for you!

In this free two-hour livestream, you’ll learn how to use Google Analytics to get real insights into your website’s visitors, their behavior, patterns, and trends. By identifying what data matters most to your business, you will learn the smart way to gain customer insights and turn those insights into actions that will drive your business forward. All in real time, taught by an industry professional.

Join us for Google Analytics 101 to learn the basics and gain the skills you need to successfully drive your bottom line using Google Analytics!

As an added bonus, a member of our Admissions Team will be joining this livestream to talk to you about the enrollment process for our Part-Time and Immersive courses, and answer your questions regarding course pacing, payment options, career development, and more!

What will the livestream learning experience be like? - Ask questions regarding the and build your online network by interacting with fellow classmates and an expert instructor — all in real time via live chatbox and Q&A. - Complete optional classwork to give you a hands-on taste of the subject. - Learn new skills in the comfort of your own home, or on the go! All participants will be automatically muted with no video.


  • Learn best practices to set up a Google Analytics account.
  • Find your way around Google Analytics and learn basic terminology.
  • Identify the metrics that matter to your business and how to measure using Google Analytics.
  • Create custom segments, reports and dashboards.
  • Understand marketing campaigns and pages on your website to create the most business value.
  • Learn the basics of Google Analytics including tracking goals, campaigns, website traffic, conversions and events.

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Google Analytics 101 is taken completely online, and requires a computer and a strong internet connection.
  • We will provide a Zoom link on the day of the class. If you want to complete the in-class exercise...
    • A second monitor is recommended..
  • You should have the Google Chrome Web Browser installed on your computer.
  • Sign up for a Google Demo Account.

NOTE: Some domains block our automated emails, so If you don’t receive sign-in instructions within 1 hour of the livestream, please reach out to, and we’ll send sign-in instructions right away!

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