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Goal Setting & Making it Stick in 2022 | London

About this event

It’s December -- what will your New year’s resolutions be? Or your annual work goals? Or your company’s annual plan? If this topic grabbed your attention, you might be in need of a fix.

Only 8% of those who set goals achieve them, and 90% of companies do not hit their goals. It’s not because we don’t know how to set goals. It’s because we often don’t commit to the mechanisms that will help us achieve the results we want.

Whether you are an individual, part of a team, or a team leader, we’ll discuss ways to ensure that you’ll achieve the goals you set, and take your personal or professional results to a new level.

Have you heard the saying, “Success breeds success?” Often that’s because individuals who experience success benefit from an increase in healthy hormones that lead to better energy and optimism. Similarly, winning teams create greater job satisfaction and employee retention, and the desire to reach even greater heights. Creating a culture of success for yourself and others can lead to healthier, happier outcomes.


  • articulate North Star and Nearest Star goals using SMART
  • create a realistic action plan
  • create social accountability
  • create clarity and transparency to motivate a team
  • establish processes and clear communication regarding progress (for teams)
  • create an accountability culture (for companies)
  • achieve greater productivity and camaraderie while “winning together”

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