Give Your Culture The Empathy Edge | Salt Lake City

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Did you know empathy is not just good for society, it’s great for leadership, culture and brand, too? Empathetic cultures boost innovation, productivity, employee satisfaction, talent retention - and have a spillover effect on customer happiness. Join this lively virtual salon discussion with Maria Ross , brand strategist and author of The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success and Rebecca Friese Rodskog , co-founder of FLYN and author of Work Shouldn't Suck as they share real-world stories, startling research and sound advice on the importance of cultivating empathetic cultures to impact brand success. You’ll learn how empathy makes organizations stronger, hear how leaders course-correct projects derailed by misunderstanding, and discover actionable ways to put your own compassion to work. Regardless of your field—whether you’re a corporate CEO, community activist, or budding entrepreneur—this discussion will open your eyes to the value of empathetic culture and how to achieve it. Don’t delay. Please grab your seat today right here to this free and extremely valuable event that will accelerate your success.


-Discover how an empathetic culture leads to a market-leading brand -Learn how to build a corporate culture that attracts top talent -Discover actionable ways to flex your empathy muscle as a leader - even if you don’t think this is your strength -Discuss how to balance meaningful work with real profit -Learn how to avoid the “Empathy Veneer” so that you can genuinely walk your talk

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