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Getting started with AI in Python | Atlanta

About this workshop

Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionise the most productive activities through positive augmentation of human effort, the automation of manual, monotonous workloads and by exposing us to fresh insights through machine learning. The development of technologies such as deep learning, have resulted in great advances in the last couple of years and we are on the brink of widespread adoption. Perfect for developers, analysts, business intelligence analysts or anyone curious to learn about AI, learn how to build your own simple AI applications in Python that demonstrate “computer vision” and “hearing”


  • The current state of AI, key breakthroughs and technologies
  • Python as tool to deliver AI functionality
  • The use of third-party APIs for AI tasks

Prereqs & Preparation

No pre-recs. Laptop optional, with the Anaconda Python 3 distribution (latest stable release) installed.

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