Getting More From Less: Daily Hacks for Maximising Your Productivity

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Getting More From Less: Daily Hacks for Maximising Your Productivity | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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Tired of playing catch up with endless ‘to do’ lists, week after week? This event will help you uncover the small changes on a daily basis that could result in the biggest productivity shifts for you.

Productivity may be a much-hyped buzzword but also an aspiration for those of us wanting to do more and get more out of our time. If you’ve ever wondered how CEOs become CEOs, and how great leaders and start up founders seem to accomplish so much in so little time, this event may give you some clarity!

The question is ‘how’ does one become more productive in order to achieve all that we wish to in a fast moving and time scarce world? Having consistent, productive days is hard work, but possible with the right daily habits in place. Every individual is unique, learn how to adopt the specific set of habits that will unlock your own "productivity zone".

Anser is a Cambridge certified Executive Coach specialising in personal effectiveness. He will be sharing practical tips and daily hacks that you could instantly apply and get more from less. Join us as we explore how some practical changes to your life could help you to work smarter and maximise your output, priming yourself for success in your career and personal life.


  • Daily hacks, actionable and tangible tips and tricks to work smart and maximise your output
  • How to get more from less by identifying and optimising your own "productivity zones"?
  • How to prime yourself for success and get into the ‘flow state’ as often as you want
  • Tricking your brain into being more effective and efficient and how to block your productivity sappers

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