Get Money Smart in 2022: Growing Investments Through Property | Detroit

About this event

This focuses on the process of purchasing your own home but will also cover the opportunities and risks in developing a property investment portfolio. The module will provide a practical “how to” guide as well as identifying the “pitfalls and risks” that surround buying property.

If you want to take advantage of the current property market opportunities, now more than ever before you need to be ready to act. But recent increases in values have made it more and more difficult to get into the market, meaning today more than ever you need to be smart about HOW you buy property.

This workshop will help you understand the property market, how to set up a COVID-proof property buying plan, and how to reduce risk when you buy property.


Explanation of savings plans, brokers, loan options, equity, as well as general information on property types and options (and the pros and cons of each) How the property buying process works and how to get your ducks lined up to make your property purchase go smoothly How property buying works and how to get into the market Where risk comes from when you buy property and how you can manage it

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