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Generative AI Basics | Free Class | Toronto

Attend the next event on Monday, 8 July.

Past Locations for this Class

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There’s no time to wAIt. Whether you’re brand new to generative AI, or you’ve already been doing some research, this free, one-hour session is the perfect place to get a glimpse into the true potential of this powerful technology — live from an industry expert.

Join us for an action-packed hour of generative AI basics like best practices for writing effective prompts and using generative AI tools responsibly. Then, get a live demo of ChatGPT in action and get a glimpse into how you could use generative AI to streamline productivity at work and at home.

So we’re all on the same page: - There will be no hands-on component to this class. It’s more of a sit back, watch, and learn experience. - We'll save some time at the end for audience Q&A. - This free class is held in a Zoom webinar. Mic and camera access will be disabled, but we’ll interact using chat, Q&A, and reactions in Zoom.


  • Understand the basic overview of generative AI.
  • Answer questions like: What are LLMs? How do they work? Which should I use?
  • Learn best practices for writing effective prompts.
  • Identify bias in LLMs and the ethical principles to follow when using generative AI tools.
  • Experience a live demo to see how ChatGPT can be used to simplify your life at work (and at home).

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