Generation Startup Film Screening

Past Locations for this Event

Generation Startup Film Screening | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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General Assembly in collaboration with Transitions Film Festival are brining Generation Startup film screening to our Melbourne campus. It's all about learning to fail and redefining success.

Generation Startup captures the struggles and triumphs of six recent college graduates who put everything on the line to build startups in Detroit. Shot over 17 months, it’s an honest, in-the-trenches look at what it takes to launch a startup.

Directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade and award-winning filmmaker Cheryl Miller Houser, the film celebrates risk-taking, urban revitalization, and diversity while delivering a vital call-to-action—with entrepreneurship at a record low, the country’s economic future is at stake.

Come along and enjoy the screening on campus over a few cold drinks and hear from some local startup leaders, movers in shakers from the Melbourne community for an exclusive fireside chat after the screening.

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