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About this workshop series

GirlBoss and General Assembly are coming together to bring you a FREE 3-workshop series for career changers, mission-driven hustlers and those who want to find their purpose, passion and make an impact!

These inspiring sessions are designed to bring excitement and impact to your professional journey so you can refocus and take actionable steps towards a fulfilling career path.

In our first workshop, we'll walk you through why learning new skills is the key to unlocking your career freedom and expanding your career choices. It's a key through which we can rule the world!

Upskilling, reskilling and changing direction a few times is part of life and it is fast becoming the resting pulse of companies embracing the new reality of work.

We know that you might not know where to start, how to get relevant skills, or even if you need the new skills - you’re not alone! We often don’t have the time, tools, or guidance to find a clear answer. Achieving your career freedom requires time and a plan.

Join us and our amazing panel of experts to help you navigate your career.


  • Learn how can you upskill and reskill in an efficient way
  • Guide to start your journey towards career freedom
  • Connect with industry experts

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