GA + girlboss: HTML & CSS Coding Basics

Past Locations for this Workshop

GA + girlboss: HTML & CSS Coding Basics | Toronto

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Are you considering a coding career, but aren't quite sure if it's the right fit?

In this free workshop, explore the basics of coding and get familiar with the building blocks of the web: HTML and CSS. Then get hands-on practice applying these programming languages to develop a simple website. All in real time, taught by an industry pro. Dip your toes into the possibilities of a software engineering career.

Takeaways - Get a closer look at how the internet works. - Learn how HTML and CSS function together to form the backbone of the web. - Cover key coding terms and principles. - Develop a working web page from scratch using basic HTML & CSS syntax.

Prereqs & Preparation

If you don’t receive sign-in instructions within 1 hour of class, please reach out to and we’ll get you set up right away. - This class is taken completely online, and requires a computer and a strong internet connection. - We will provide a link to Zoom on the day of the class. - Two monitors are strongly recommended if you plan on coding along. - Create a free CodePen account if you plan on coding along.

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