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From Surviving to Thriving - The 5 Step Strategy to Build a Thriving Career | Minneapolis

About this event

If you find yourself unclear and frustrated about not achieving the growth you envisioned, not sure how to go about it, confused about where to start, or feel like you’re out of options, then we are going to help.

This workshop will be packed with actionable-takeaways to help you break out of your career rut and put yourself in the driver's seat.

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It’s one thing to land a great job. It’s another to thrive once you get it. If you’ve ever wondered how some of the highest performers effortlessly land promotions, stand out, earn more, and continuously secure upward mobility, then keep reading!

In this workshop, Gaurav Valani, a former Executive of a publicly-traded company, Co-founder of a $72M staffing agency and Career Coach is going to walk you through 5 specific strategies that you can implement in your career to help you:

  • Become intentional about navigating your career in a direction that allows you to play to your strengths, and achieve upward mobility
  • Put together strategic career roadmap on how to create a more meaningful impact all throughout your career
  • Show you how you can stand out in a sea of employees and secure promotions and significant pay raises.
  • Become invaluable with or without a leadership title
  • And do all of this in a way that is authentic for you

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