Free Yourself from Workplace Anxiety

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Free Yourself from Workplace Anxiety | San Diego

Past Locations for this Event

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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US, affecting 40 million adults. The ‘Free Yourself from Workplace Anxiety’ webinar helps team members, management, and leadership understand what anxiety looks like, how it shows up in the workplace (symptoms/signs), the effects of anxiety at work (individually and collectively), how employers can help, and real tools to naturally manage stress and anxiety at work and at home, so they be more understanding, improve collaboration and increase work productivity.

Change and life transitions (job loss, new jobs, career changes/pivots, marriage, parenthood, relocation, divorce) all trigger greater anxiety. This year has triggered greater anxiety for many people, leading to constant worry about family, health, job security, safety and the state of our communities and the world. All this unexpected change on top of our already high stress lives poses a threat to our overall health and wellbeing.

Kimberly Smith is an Anxiety & Life Transition Coach, and founder of Encompass Coaching. She helps overworked people suffering from chronic stress and exhaustion get a grip on their anxiety and stop worrying, so they can ditch the meds, have more energy, increase confidence, excel personally and professionally, build deeper, more meaningful relationships, and move through life transitions with ease.

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