FREE Workshop | Build a Simple Website with HTML & CSS

Past Locations for this Workshop

FREE Workshop | Build a Simple Website with HTML & CSS | Toronto

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

So, you’ve explored the basics of coding, but want some hands-on experience actually writing code to help you decide if a software engineering career is right for you? That makes sense.

This free, 2-hour class is the perfect place to get your feet wet – or in this case, your hands – with HTML & CSS. After a quick review of these languages, follow-along with your instructor to learn and apply the basics HTML & CSS like paragraphs, headers, attributes, colors, fonts, and more, to create a custom, working website - from scratch. Yes. You can do that.

Once you have a foundation with HTML & CSS, make sure to join us next week where we’ll take your coding skills to the next level and get hands-on practice with [JavaScript Basics].


You’ll leave this workshop knowing:

  • The basics of HTML and CSS and what they are used for
  • How to build a simple, working web page with basic HTML & CSS syntax
  • The building blocks to learn more programming languages like JavaScript and Python

Prereqs & Preparation

  • This is an entry level workshop, so no prior knowledge is necessary.
  • If you plan to participate live, make sure you have a free Codepen account
  • A recording will be shared after the series so you can review the content anytime.
  • Your mic and camera will be off for the duration of the workshop.
  • Interact with your instructor and fellow classmates through the Chat and Q&A.

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