Flywheel Marketing: How To Shift From Funnel To Flywheel

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Flywheel Marketing: How To Shift From Funnel To Flywheel | Perth

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The marketing funnel has been an integral part of the marketing world for years. However, consumer trends have shifted significantly in the past 2 years and it has left room for a new, digitally-informed approach to selling consumers — enters the flywheel marketing.

The flywheel marketing is slowly replacing the funnel as it puts an emphasis on thinking about the relationship between the company and consumers as a cycle. Rather than a funnel that puts customers as an afterthought, the flywheel is an unending loop where the customers can constantly engage with the company.

Join us as our panel of marketing experts takes a deep dive into this up-and-coming concept that is predicted to take the industry by storm in the near future. They will share what flywheel marketing is and its benefits, the differences between marketing funnel vs flywheel marketing, and how to transition from one to another.

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