Fireside Chat with Viki Forrest: Scale to the US and Beyond

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Fireside Chat with Viki Forrest: Scale to the US and Beyond | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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Startups often talk about ’scaling up’ -- but what does that actually mean? If you’re on a growth trajectory, thinking about expanding sales outside Australia, or simply curious about the US market, join us for a fireside chat with US market entry expert, technologist, and startup adviser Viki Forrest, one of the most well-connected Australians working in Silicon Valley today.

In a world where less than 1% of startups successfully raise venture capital, Viki has a track record of fast-tracking companies to growth-stage. She's helped 20% of her Australian startup clients raise more than $43m in seed and A-round financings, landing them strategic partners and closing new customer deals. In this special event, Viki will share her insights about the US landscape, pace of business, fine-tuning your messaging for a global audience, how to collaborate and closing sales in a big market, and much more.

Viki is in Melbourne running an Expert In Residence program: 'Scaling to the US and Beyond' with Neighbourhood and The Hacker Exchange.

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