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Fireside Chat with Industry Professionals

Fireside Chat with Industry Professionals | Nashville

About this event

The job search is one of the toughest experiences bootcamp grads undergo. Many struggle to balance the demands of the search—and that's without even counting the unique challenges that job hunting during a pandemic creates. New job seekers have unique questions to match these challenges—ones that often can't be answered in a quick Q&A after an event.

In this special event, we will solve that issue by putting you in the same room with industry professionals specifically invited to answer your burning questions. Eager to get past the surface knowledge so you can delve into helpful concrete tips? This is the event for you.


In this event, we will:

  • Connect you with professionals in the software development, user experience, data science, and recruitment fields

  • Provide concrete tips on navigating the job hunt from people who have survived it

  • Give a solid understanding of your dream job's requirements and demands

Prereqs & Preparation

It's hard to think of all the questions you need answers to when you're on the spot so come prepared with a list of your most pressing unanswered questions.

You will need access to a laptop or computer as well as a strong internet connection. Please make sure to download the Zoom app to ensure there are no connectivity issues.

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