Fireside Chat with author Trevor Bruner: Quick Start Guide to Product Management

Fireside Chat with author Trevor Bruner: Quick Start Guide to Product Management | Tampa

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Join us for a Fireside Chat with Trevor Bruner who is the author of Quick Start Guide to Product Management. About the book: Getting into Product Management is hard, but it’s nothing compared to actually being a product manager. The book gives you a boiled-down condensed version of what you need to know. It’s what I wish someone had told me when I started out as a product manager. Think of this as the quick-start guide before diving into bigger, scarier books. Most PM books tell you either how to break into the job or how to excel after you’ve been in the job for years. This book is meant for those of you just starting out. - You’ve got the job or are in the process of getting the job, but you’re still green. How do you start? - You’re too new to be in charge of the vision & strategy for your company or product, but you still need to contribute. What’s that look like? - How do you navigate the various stakeholders? Read this book to learn what mindset you need in this job. Learn how to interact with the various departments in your organization, including Sales, Engineering, and the C-Suite. Learn why angry customers aren’t the worst thing in the world. Learn a few tips on managing a backlog. After reading this book, you’ll have learned some of the key words and tricky phrases that will help you in your career and also to better understand all the other great books on Product Management that you’ll read after this one. Link to the book:

Agenda: 6:00 PM - 6:15 PM - Sponsors, Welcome, Announcements 6:15 PM- 7:00 PM - Talk, Q&A

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