Femtech: Inclusive Healthcare for Womxn

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Femtech: Inclusive Healthcare for Womxn | Online

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Femtech is set to become a $50 billion dollar industry by year 2025...But what exactly is FemTech? And how do womxn, from all races, ages, shapes, professions, and lifestyles become included into the healthcare industry?

As we enter 2021, thought leaders are increasingly emphasizing the need to evolve the original concept of Femtech beyond reproductive health to that of a lens through which we look into health issues that impact us differently…especially when including BIPOC womxn.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring innovative thought leaders as they discuss their journey, challenges, and differentiators in the womxn’s health-tech industry.


  • What “femtech” is, how it is revolutionizing womxn’s health, and how the VC’s are getting involved.
  • In what ways the current climate is changing how women take charge of their sexual lives and reproductive health.
  • What the future of femtech looks like and what companies to watch for.
  • Learn what local leaders are doing to destigmatize the discussion surrounding womxn’s bodies, reproductive health, and sexual wellness.
  • Thoughts on Femtech movement progressing into a more intersectional territory
  • How can we empower women of color to stay more informed about their health?

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