Fast & Furious: How to Plan Your Digital Strategy in 15 Minutes

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Fast & Furious: How to Plan Your Digital Strategy in 15 Minutes | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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Going digital is the new normal! Whether you are an SME, a tech startup, or a large corporate, you need to have a well-documented digital strategy roadmap to follow. But the real question here is, what exactly is a digital strategy? Is it marketing, social media or e-commerce? None of those answers are wrong. A digital strategy simply refers to exploring all available tools and platforms in the digital ecosystem to identify the technologies applicable to your industry, and carving out a niche strategy to meet your business objectives.

If you have already explored the realm of the digital world, it’s completely normal to think that the process of putting together digital strategy documents is intimidating and time-consuming. Truth is: it doesn’t have to be and there can be an easy way out.

Join us in this 1 hour workshop as we share with you some tried and tested frameworks to build your online presence and start materialising your digital strategy in just 15 minutes.

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