Facilitating Online Like a Pro: How to Run Highly Engaging Remote Sessions

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Facilitating Online Like a Pro: How to Run Highly Engaging Remote Sessions | Manchester

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Meetings have changed. Millions of facilitators, educators and everyday people have shifted their interactions from in-person to online. The skills and tools needed to run online sessions don't come naturally, so its understandable that levels of engagement and connection have plummeted - but it doesn't have to be that way.

In this class, you'll learn and experience a variety of best-practice tools and methods for facilitating online engagement. You'll receive actionable guidance on how to devise and run sessions that capitalise on the unique opportunities offered by the remote environment.

Please note that this is a participatory workshop, so cameras will need to be on. Do feel reassured however, that activities are crafted to support and respect participants with varying levels of introversion or extroversion.


  • Learn key methods, mindsets and behaviours for getting and keeping participants engaged online
  • Take advantage of digital tools and functionalities which cultivate engagement in ways that go beyond what is possible in-person
  • Receive guidance on getting the most out of small group activities, virtual whiteboards, and online icebreakers
  • Get tips on how to manage logistics before, during, and after your remote meetings

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