Exploring The Language of Astrology

Exploring The Language of Astrology | Calgary

Attend the next event on Tuesday, 2 November.

About this event

Astrology is known to be a pseudoscience incorporating a mathematical examination of the stars and planet's position. It includes studying the calculations and their influence on human affairs and earth occurrences. We all can relate to the "what's your sign?" question. However, astrology has more layers to its magic rather than just zodiac signs. These mathematical projections are perused all across the globe. Astrology is, at its core, a source of wisdom dedicated to self-awareness and psychospiritual growth.

For this noteworthy event, we have invited well-known experts in the field of Astrology who will bring us along on a journey of self-discovery, realistic possibilities, and self-appreciation of the depths behind your human design.

All are welcome! Even if you're not familiar with the field, you'll leave wanting to learn more.

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