Excel One-Day Bootcamp

Denver Campus

GA Denver @ Industry RiNo Station
3858 Walnut St
Denver CO 80205

Excel One-Day Bootcamp | Denver

Denver Campus

GA Denver @ Industry RiNo Station
3858 Walnut St
Denver CO 80205

About this class

In this workshop, we will move beyond the basics of spreadsheet creation. Topics will include data manipulation and advanced functions to summarize and analyze data having multiple attributes. We will also introduce using slicers with PivotTables, creating interactive charts and dashboards, and using advanced formulas. In-class exercises will be utilized to facilitate understanding. The course is designed for students with familiarity of basic features/ functions in Excel (i.e. navigation, layout, basic formulas like SUM/COUNT, etc). Beginner level students should attend GA’s Excel at Excel: Getting Down the Basics course prior to this workshop.


Students will learn how to effectively streamline and analyze data using some of the more advanced features of Excel including:
β€’ Advanced Functions such as INDEX, MATCH, and SUMIFS
β€’ Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
β€’ Interactive Dashboards

Agenda (not necessarily taught in this order)
β€’ Review of Filtering, Sorting, and Conditional Formatting
β€’ Review of Intermediate Functions (VLOOKUP, SUMIF, COUNTIF)
β€’ Relative and Absolute Cell References within Formulas
β€’ Date and Time Functions
β€’ Logical Functions (IF/NESTED IF statements)
β€’ Data Validation (notably drop-down lists)
β€’ Advanced Functions (INDEX/MATCH, SUMIFS, COUNTIES)
β€’ Charts and Graphs
β€’ PivotTables and PivotCharts (including Slicers)
β€’ Tables and Named Ranges
β€’ Creating Interactive Dashboards

Prereqs & Preparation

This is an intermediate/advanced class. Please make sure you have attended GA's Excel at Excel: Getting Down the Basics Class or have a strong familiarity with intermediate Excel functions (VLOOKUP, SUMIF, and COUNTIF)

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