Ethics in The World of UX Design

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Ethics in The World of UX Design | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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It’s no easy feat designing a good user experience. But it is even harder to design one that does not nudge users down the path that’s in the interest of a company. Such "dark patterns", coupled with unconscious designer’s bias, contradict empathy and are incompatible with human-centered design. While most UX metrics revolve around user engagement, UX designers should be careful that their clients’ business objectives do not get in the way of the principles of ethics.

Ethical design above all is honest and it has never been more essential that the products we design are honest and reliable. Consumers value the trust they give businesses and when companies design experiences that are ethical, transparent and put the users’ interest first, the natural results are better user experience and higher customer retention and loyalty

In this session, our UX experts will walk you through the importance of ethical UX Design, what it encompasses, and how companies can conduct UX audits to ensure their experiences are designed ethically.

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