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Entrepreneurship In Gaming | Houston

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Past Locations for this Event

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“Design thinking” as a process has become more complex, and designers are no longer being asked to design in a vacuum. Project managers, engineers, product managers and other roles are all part of the design process now. How can designers be a powerful contributor when there are so many “others” involved?

In this session, we’ll look at some examples from the gaming industry—specifically, the PlayStation Store and PS4 launch— and how to up your game as a designer by relating more effectively to clients and stakeholders, saving you time and creating better work. Regardless of your design process, your relationships with stakeholders is crucial to your success as a designer. After this session, you’ll have some new tools as a listener and as a communicator so you can design and deliver high quality products.

This session is for individuals who are interested in: • communicating more effectively

• designing for multiple stakeholders

• a career in the gaming industry (we are hiring!)

• designing products for a global market

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