Empowering Military Spouses: Creating Success Remotely

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Empowering Military Spouses: Creating Success Remotely | San Diego

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

Military spouses are no strangers to sacrifice. Between frequent moves, deployments, and all the other stressors that come from supporting our nation’s service members, military spouses constantly put the needs of their families and their nation before themselves.

One of the first things to be put on the back burner is their career aspirations. Join us to learn how to work anywhere remotely as a military spouse and how to make your dream career a reality. Hear from remote founders, employees and coaches about their experience and how to make it happen.

In this panel event you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of becoming a remote worker
  • The inner and outer gear that helps remote workers make the most of their unique workflows
  • The opportunities and challenges surrounding working remotely
  • Get to know the community in San Diego & Enjoy plenty of networking time.

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