East vs. West: Designing The Right User Experience for Your Customers

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East vs. West: Designing The Right User Experience for Your Customers | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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Over 60 percent of the world’s total population is now online. The increased connectivity signifies that it’s progressively common for companies to design digital experiences for a global audience. And this is where problems start to surface. People in diverse cultures interact with information in different ways and UX designers need to create a cross-cultural user experience in order to cater for the international audience.

Most designers assume that designing products across different cultures simply means switching the language or changing the images to represent a local context. However, the road to successful cross-cultural design with effective UX is far more intricate. There’s a need for designers to learn and understand local customs, cultural dimensions, and local UI patterns to help reach business goals.

Join us as our UX experts take you through the differences between Eastern and Western user experiences and why each works for their target audiences, what UX designers should consider when designing cross cultural interfaces, and the importance of having localised user experiences to reach your business goals.

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