Down with Data Science: AI for Business

Down with Data Science: AI for Business | Edinburgh

About this event

Whether you're studying data science, software engineering, or history, the inevitable "so what?" arises at some stage in the learning process. Translating theoretical concepts learned in the classroom into real-life situations is a question that crosses the minds of nearly every student: "How will this benefit me in the future? Who cares?" For example, it is often difficult to see the benefits of learning about Winston Churchill's actions in WWII will be useful in the future, until such a point in your career where principles of his decision making & leadership styles inspire your own actions. Even in more immediately practical fields like data science & data analytics, the "so what?" often persists, and is a question that almost always needs answering.

In this session, we aim to answer this question by walking through two case studies of how AI solutions were applied into real businesses by Artefact. Beginning by framing the context, problem, and business objective, we will showcase a machine learning model that was developed, and how its outputs were embedded into the broader business to improve decision-making. Hopefully the real-world practical application of principles learned in the classroom will help answer the "so what?" and shed some light on an exciting and dynamic career choice.


The real world practical applications of AI principles.

How machine learning can improve decision-making.

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