Does your business need an app?

Past Locations for this Workshop

Does your business need an app? | Atlanta

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

If you believe that mobile apps are just for big name brands like Amazon or Wells Fargo then think again. More and more small and midsize businesses are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective marketing strategy involves more than just a website. Register today to learn how having a mobile app can help your business grow.

Attendees will learn the top 7 benefits to having their own mobile app:

  1. Be Visible to Customers at All Times
  2. Create a Direct Marketing Channel
  3. Provide Value to Your Customers
  4. Build Brand and Recognition on the Mobile platform
  5. Improve Customer Engagement
  6. Stand Out From the Competition
  7. Cultivate Customer Loyalty


A 12-Step Guide to Building Your Very First Mobile App

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