Ditching Old Money: What is The I-nance Revolution? | Melbourne

About this event

From Barefoot Investors to Diamond Hands, investing — and the culture around it — has never been more accessible than right now. The rise of the retail investor has hit the mainstream and shows no sign of slowing. Leading the charge is Aussie Fintech and digital brokerage Stake. Join us for this session as we explore the changing investment landscape, the next generation of investors and how disruptive tech is giving Aussies access to a whole new world of financial opportunities both now and in the decade to come.

During the session we’ll cover: From Wall St to George St - the rise and boom of the retail investor. Generation I-nance - findings from Stake’s 2021 Next Generation Research report and the changing landscape of investing culture in Australia. Breaking barriers - how Aussie tech is paving the way to new financial opportunities. Fireside chat with Bryan Wilmot (Stake CMO), and some special guests with insight into the Aussie investor mindset.

If you’re an investor, interested in investing or love to chat about disruptive tech, this event is for you!

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