Digital Transformation & Innovation in Renewable Energy: The Texas Edition

Digital Transformation & Innovation in Renewable Energy: The Texas Edition | Louisville

About this event

With the growing urgency to preserve our planet, it’s crucial to stay informed on the latest technology, find innovative ways to make a positive impact on the environment, be mindful of our corporate footprint, and connect with like-minded people to turn ideas into action.

Digital forces are changing the skills an executive needs to manage organizations. In a world that’s become increasingly digital, energy companies can sometimes find it hard to adapt. It's time to transition our world from our current reliance on fossil fuels to one where renewable energy, a strong economy and clean air are the new status quo. Whether it's in a traditional corporation, or startup, organizations that will thrive will be led by executives who have an understanding of the forces shaping their environment and an awareness of the skills necessary to master those forces.

Join us to explore sustainability and how business and tech impact the health of our planet. Hear from experts in clean energy, environmental entrepreneurship, corporate sustainability, and B Corporations who will share their insights into how the industry can impact the environment. In addition, walk away with actionable steps you can take to live and work more sustainably, network with other local professionals interested in ethical business practices, and gain insight into what actions different industries are really doing to be more sustainable.

Prereqs & Preparation

This event will be hosted online (Livestream). Registered participants will be notified in advance of this program with information on how to log in to the event.

  • This event is taken completely online via Zoom.
  • You will need access to a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone as well as a strong internet connection.
  • Event set up information will be emailed to all signed up around 24 hours before the event launches.

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