Digital Philanthropy

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Digital Philanthropy | Atlanta

Past Locations for this Event

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Overview: Our increasingly digital world is poised to revolutionize philanthropy — shifting the idea of "giving" from top-dollar-donations-only to more decentralized efforts of community-based charity. This change can be seen in new platforms, ​initiatives and ​organizations ​igniting change.

What You'll Take Away: ​Join us for a panel discussion to explore this emerging landscape​ with unique perspectives of professionals in the field of social good. Understand what are ​the obstacles and opportunities​ in the field of giving. And, most importantly, what can you do to help?

Why It's Importan​t​: Philanthropy has billions ​of dollars to give away in its quest to solv​e​ the ​world's ​problems​. But, is money enough? How do​es time and talent influence change and how can​ we ​leverage social good to maximize impact?

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