Digital Marketing Demystified: Measuring Branding Success

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Digital Marketing Demystified: Measuring Branding Success | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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It’s no secret that companies use branding to create an emotional relationship between customers and a specific product. After all, the very idea behind branding is to ensure sales and success for that product by making it easily identifiable to the consuming public. But show of hands, who here can really say with 100% certainty that they know exactly how to measure the success of their branding success? As measurement-focused as marketers have become, few have unlocked the secrets of measuring if the blood, sweat and tears poured into getting their company’s name out there are worth it at the end of the day.

We might have just the session to alleviate this long-time pain! While it’s more difficult to quantify the human emotion created by brands than simpler metrics like revenue or page views, it isn’t impossible.

Join our expert, Sotirios Seridis, as we demystify the mystery of measuring your branding efforts. Learn how to get started with brand measurement, understand quantitative and qualitative brand metrics and develop your own brand measurement index.

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