Designing for Print | Charlotte

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Print design, itself, is an art form. Going from screen to page is a complex process where each step affects the final product—a product, with its full three dimensions, that is fundamentally different from what you’ve created on your 2D screen. If you’re new to the task of designing for print, this can certainly seem confusing. You’ll need think about color profiles, resolutions, sizing, which type of black you’re going to use (yup, there’s more than one!), your application choice (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator etc.), and of course, bleed and trim. It can all sound pretty daunting, and as you might have noticed, there’s a serious lack of information out there to help you get things right. So, to help navigate us through the abyss, we'll be speaking with Bernice Chao, Creative Director at R/GA, and learning her design secrets. Join us!

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