Design Week | How Planet-Centric Designs Help Tackle Environmental Issues

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Design Week | How Planet-Centric Designs Help Tackle Environmental Issues | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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The growing recognition of the importance of sustainability has necessitated the need for adequate responses to the converging crises ahead. Global warming is a serious, man-made threat and if we continue to overstep Earth’s environmental boundaries and not address its needs, humans would be at risk.

In order to make great strides towards sustainability, human-centred design will need to lay the groundwork for the plant-centric design of the future. Planet centric design is a methodology for designing products and services that do not harm the planet. It is a challenge as planetary systems are complex and intertwined in ways that humanity does not fully understand. It is high time we push toward the development and enforcement of plant-centric business models that address environmental challenges on a global level.

To navigate complexity and create better solutions for society that fit within the Earth’s boundaries, there is a need for design processes and tools to help us. The next revolution in innovation is upon us. Join our industry experts as they show you how designers can recalibrate the expectations of customers and make a shift from being human-centric to planet-centric.

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